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Lindsey ser islam som en trussel

Artiklen er fra internetavisen WorldNetDaily, der især læses af kristne amerikanere. Artiklen blev publiceret i januar 2006 og kan læses på adressen:



Faith Under Fire

Hal Lindsey proclaims: Islam a violent religion on national TV. Christian author declares most Muslims don’t read Quran very much.

Christian author Hal Lindsey proclaimed on national television last night that Islam is a violent religion, with many believers becoming more »radical« the more they read the Muslim holy book, the Quran.

»When someone becomes devout and they begin to get really into the Quran and they begin to study what it really teaches, they become what we call a fundamentalist or a radical because the Quran itself and the Hadith teaches violence«, Lindsey said on »Hannity & Colmes« on the Fox News Channel. »There are 109 verses that we sometimes call war verses … these are the verses that the radicals begin to take seriously and they begin to want to overthrow Western civilization«.

Lindsey was a guest on Fox after WorldNetDaily broke a series of stories about the best-selling non-fiction writer who is in a dispute with the Trinity Broadcasting Network over the content of his own twice-weekly Christian commentary program, »The International Intelligence Briefing«, because of what he considers to be efforts to muzzle his opinions about radical Islam.

»After 9-11, I really studied Islam, studied the Quran, studied what they’re teaching and especially why there was a difference between the moderate Muslims and those who were radical«, Lindsey said last night. »I saw that there was a tremendous danger facing this country that many Americans really didn’t seem to be seeing. So I started warning that radical Islam was at war with the United States, and that the threat was as great as any enemy we’d ever faced«.

Co-host Alan Colmes asked Lindsey straight out: »Islam is a radical religion in your view?«

»It is«, Lindsey responded. »It’s kind of like most Christians don’t read the Bible very much. I believe most Muslims don’t read the Quran very much. That’s why most Muslims are not radical, but when someone begins to really study the Quran and they begin to read the 109 verses that call for violence and war, they become very, very different. They become radical, they feel that they need to convert people by force«.

Lindsey, author of »The Late Great Planet Earth« and many other best-selling books and a weekly columnist for WND, has anchored his own program for the last 12 years on the world’s largest Christian network, founded by evangelist Paul Crouch, whom Lindsey says remains his friend.

As WND exclusively reported Jan. 3, Lindsey announced he would not go back to his show following an abrupt six-week suspension of the popular TBN-sponsored program by Jan Crouch, TBN’s vicepresident for programming.

Though John Casoria, TBN’s general counsel first told WorldNetDaily the show’s suspension was simply a traditional hiatus in lieu of seasonal programming, that statement was later revised to confirm that the network believed Lindsey’s program »placed Arabs in a negative light«.

Lindsey responded to this allegation: »I don’t have to cast radical Muslims in a bad light. If the intimidation and persecution of moderate Muslims makes radical Islam look bad, that is because it is bad – not that I ‘cast’ them in a bad light. But I have never cast the Arabs as a race in a bad light«.

Casoria said he could not recall specific examples from Lindsey’s programs that were anti-Arab or anti-Muslim, but he expressed the network’s concern about how Muslims are portrayed.

»TBN is a worldwide ministry; we have an entire channel that airs 24 hours a day, seven days a week in Arabic«, he said. »We are trying to reach the Islamic world and open a dialogue with them regarding Christ and Christianity«.

Casoria explained, »We do not feel that the best witness of Christ is to bash them but rather to show them the nature of Christ – the way Christ said to present himself – and that is through love, understanding and the presentation of the gospel to them«.

Lindsey argued, however, his program is not shown in the Middle East.

»My show is produced for the Western world and for Christians who are at the most risk from radical Islam«, he said.

Lindsey has been associated with TBN since its inception in the early 1970s.

He told WND that he has »no ax to grind« with TBN, saying, »I’ve been happy with my opportunities for ministry at TBN. I’m thankful for the platform TBN gave me. I will speak at the gates of hell as long as they don’t tell me what to say. But it appears that they are now telling me what not to say – so sadly, it’s time to move on«.

Lindsey also announced that he is taking his popular television program to other outlets beginning in early February. His new half-hour news and commentary series will be called »The Hal Lindsey Report«. A new video version of it will also be streamed on Lindsey’s website.

When the New York Times surveyed all book sales for the decade of the 1970s, it found that Lindsey’s had far outsold all other authors. His »Late Great Planet Earth« alone sold more than 32 million copies.


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