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CIPAC er en paraplyorganisation, hvorigennem de dispensationelle kristne zionister udøver lobbyvirksomhed for Israel overfor den amerikanske konges, embedsmænd og regeringen.

Teksten er fra august 2005 og er fra adressen: http://www.cipaconline.org/.


Ambassador John Bolton

U.S. Mission to the UN

140 East 45th Street

New York, New York  10017


Dear Ambassador Bolton:


We were very pleased to learn of your appointment as United States Ambassador to the United Nations, especially since we had lobbied hard for your confirmation by the Senate.  Please accept our congratulations and best wishes on your appointment.  You are the exact right choice for this time at the UN and we look forward to many salutary changes in the UN system as a result of your efforts.

Just as you were instrumental during your previous UN assignment in securing the revocation of the »Zionism equals Racism« resolution, we look forward to your doing everything in your power to see that Israel receives full rights within the UN system, equal to any other nation, and especially permanent and unconditional membership in the Western Europe and Others Group (WEOG) or another group.  Only then will we see Israel’s representtatives take their rightful places on such governing bodies as the Security Council and be able to protest the nation’s interests fully.

After almost fifty-eight years of nationhood, the time to grant Israel the same rights as every other nation is long overdue, as I am sure you will agree.

We will be watching your progress at the UN with much interest and strong prayers.


Sincerely yours,


Richard A. Hellman


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His2rie er en serie af bøger og tilhørende hjemmeside målrettet historieundervisningen på ungdomsuddannelserne.

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