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Republicans Back Israel with Embassy Move

Under valgkampen i 1996 offentliggjorde Jewish News Weekly denne artikel, der opregnede præsidentkandidat Bob Doles mange fortjenstfulde tiltag til gavn for Israel, så de jødiske vælgere ikke kunne være i tvivl om, at de skulle stemme på Bob Dole.

Teksten er fra adressen:http://www.jewishsf.com/content/2-0-/module/displaystory/story_id/4731/edition_id/86/format/html/displaystory.html.


Without question, the way in which a presidential candidate addresses foreign policy, defense and the issues that affect Israel and the Middle East is an important criterion for Jewish voters.

A careful examination of Bob Dole’s 35-year record demonstrates that he is a strong, principled and consistent supporter of Israel, as well as a champion of the issues that are important to the Jewish community.

Bob Dole understands the importance of the U.S.-Israel alliance and is committed to continued aid and assistance to Israel. As a member of the Senate, Bob Dole demonstrated a solid record of support. He has supported economic aid and assistance to Israel and remains a strong proponent of strengthening the strategic relationship that has defined the U.S.-Israel alliance.

Throughout his career Dole’s record of support for foreign aid has been strong. Some have claimed that Dole is against foreign aid to Israel. That is nothing more than hollow election-year rhetoric. In fact, every time legislation was introduced to cut aid specifically to Israel, Dole opposed it.

On repeated occasions, Dole led efforts to increase aid to Israel, including last year’s vital anti-terrorist assistance package.

Dole believes that like America, Israel’s security depends on her strength. As a senator, Dole was a vocal advocate of the missile defense programs that if necessary, would be vital in defending Israel from ballistic missiles armed with biological, che-
mical or nuclear weapons.

With reports confirming that Israel’s neighbors possess weapons of mass destruction, it is incomprehensible that a »friend of Israel« would not support the continued development and deployment of a strong missile defense program.

Yet, the missile defense programs that President Bill Clinton sought to eliminate are the same ones that would be used to help Israel defend herself. Dole understands that a strong missile defense program must remain a top priority.

Dole is committed to ensuring that Jerusalem remains the undivided capital of Israel. While Clinton has hinted to Palestinian leaders that Jerusalem’s status will be the subject of future negotiations, Dole has stated that Jerusalem is not on the table in the peace process.

It was Dole who introduced legislation, that has since become law, to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by May 1999.

As a candidate, Clinton promised to support moving the embassy. But as president, Clinton flip-flopped, refusing to sign the Dole legislation or to implement it. Dole understands that to deny the status of Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel is to deny the legitimacy of the State of Israel. This only sends dangerous signals to Israel’s enemies.




I have had the distinct honor to work with Bob Dole on many of the issues that are important to the Jewish community. In fact, it was Dole who spearheaded Senate efforts to assist Soviet Jews who were being persecuted and denied the right to emigrate.

Dole was instrumental in passing legislation that allowed increased levels of emigration for Soviet Jews and, in an effort to obtain increased information on human rights violations in Eastern Europe, Dole established an advisory council of leading ethnic Americans to study this problem.

The list of Soviet Jews who Dole aided is long and includes well-known former refuseniks such as Natan Sharansky and Evgeny Yakir. Dole also assisted countless others who wanted nothing more than to be able to live as free Jews.

Dole has demonstrated clear and decisive leadership. He understands that for Israel, peace without security ultimately means no peace at all. The Jewish community will have no better friend in the White House than Bob Dole.


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